Bands that will get you dancing the night away at the Brewminatti Block Party 2018.


Jelly Bread

Over a few short years of touring, Jelly Bread has risen from Reno/Lake Tahoe-area favorites into a nationally touring, powerhouse quintet that delivers a high-energy, chameleonic playlist all over the United States. Jelly Bread’s distinct style is identified by a blend of desert twang meeting the urban tones of funk and rock.

Exceptional songwriting and storytelling interlaced with four-part harmonies, intricate “in-the-pocket” drum and bass grooves, swampy lap steel guitar, dirt-under-the-fingernails guitar licks, tasty talkbox, and “take-’em-to-church” organ come together into a sound that is downright appetizing.

Jelly Bread is

  • Dave Berry – guitar/vocals
  • Cliff Porter – drums/vocals
  • Alvin Johnson – keys/vocals
  • Ian Lindsay – bass/vocals


Freddy & Francine

To the casual observer, Freddy & Francine seem safely cemented as a folk duo. They got the look. The soulful harmonies. The folk circuit bookings—over 150 a year, including the legendary Telluride Bluegrass Festival. They’re even getting married. Cute. Even their act’s name is cute.

Freddy & Francine (their actual names are Lee Ferris and Bianca Caruso) recently left their longtime home of Los Angeles for Nashville. And they’ve never looked more like themselves. Freddy & Francine are full-time musicians with three full-length albums and two EPs, with a new Nashville-recorded EP on the way.

But don’t call it folk music. It’s too energetic. Don’t call it Americana either. They don’t wear hats. The minute you think one of their songs is an Americana song, it can turn into a retro pop song. But mostly, Freddy & Francine sounds like Freddy & Francine. It ain’t the easiest thing to explain, but it makes sense when you hear it.


Mandy Fer and Dave McGraw

Pacific Northwest-based songwriter duo Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer voyage even further out to sea on their latest self-produced/recorded release, Off-Grid Lo Fi. Recorded entirely with solar and wind powered electricity on a nearly uninhabited, remote, off-grid island in northwest Washington state, McGraw and Fer have ventured into new territory, both geographically and artistically.

Known as a standout electric guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, Mandy Fer is unafraid to dominate the stage for an extended guitar solo, defying long-held gender barriers for female guitarists. Dave McGraw’s emotional songwriting riffs on natural elements of the world around him. McGraw spent a decade as a wildlife biologist, studying endangered birds in remote locales from the deserts of Mexico and the Grand Canyon to the mountainous rainforests of Washington. McGraw and Fer joined forces in Flagstaff, Arizona in 2010 before relocating to the Pacific Northwest in 2012.


Skybound Blue

Fronted by married duo Matt and Jenny Behnke, Skybound Blue is harmony-driven Americana—the dig deep and tell the story in your bones kind. And what a story theirs is of risk, adventure, and adversity. From selling everything and sailing the Caribbean, to surviving cancer and raising a family while staying true to the quiet, knowing that writing and sharing their music is their path. They’re charming, funny, and real. Whether playing an intimate theater or summer festival, they own any stage with sincerity and love.

Matt's guitar playing is becoming legendary and their beautiful harmonies and melodies somehow seem familiar as soon as you hear them. Skybound Blue’s music has been hand selected for Portland’s KINK Homegrown Music compilation and National ad campaigns with Woolrich. They’ve created a devoted following of fans who crave that rare and magical combination of authenticity, connection, inspiration….and exceptional music.


Be Tricky

Hailing from the Columbia Basin, Be Tricky - Electrified Blues Trio, inspired by the early electric guitar driven blues music of Chicago & Texas. We rock and we roll, these grooves kick, you'll feel the authentic with a hit of modern edge.

Drums / Jimmie Roper
Bass, Vocals / Rick Harris
Guitar, Vocals / Perry Roper

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